Read through South America



argentina books.jpg

Abuelo by Dorros

Animal Poems of the Iguazú by Alarcón

Gauchada by Lamm

Ghost Hands: A Story Inspired by Patagonia’s Cave of the Hands by Barron (also Chile)

Jemmy Button by Barzelay (2013)

Magic Bean Tree by Van Laan


bolivia books.jpg

I’m Jose and I’m Okay: Three Stories from Bolivia by Holzwarth

Lucia’s Travel Bus by Kim

Miro in the Kingdom of the Sun by Kurtz

Rooster Who Would Not Be Quiet! By Deedy

Waira’s First Journey by Topooco

Brazil (and Rainforest)

brazil books 1.jpg
brazil books 2.jpg

Adventures of Riley Amazon River Rescue by Lumry

Along the River written and illustrated by Vanina Starkoff, translated by Jane Springer (2014) **(Author lives in Brazil)**

See the different people and boats that travel along the river in the detailed drawings.

Along the Tapajós written and illustrated by Fernando Vilela, translated by Daniel Hahn (2015) **(author is from Brazil)**

Cauã and Inaê live along the Tapajós River and live in a house on stilts. They even take a boat to school and see some amazing animals in the water as they travel. When winter begins and the rainy season starts, the family has to move all their animals and belongings out of the house and move it all to dry land where they build a new house to live in while it’s raining. Inaê realizes they have left something important at their other house and she and her brother go back. At the end of the book is more information about the Tapajós River and the people who live along it.

 Amazon Boy by Lewin

Bella and Harry: Let’s Visit Rio de Janeiro! By Manzione

brazil best tailor

Best Tailor in Pinbauê by Toledo (2017)

Brave Little Parrot by Martin

Dancing Turtle by DeSpain

Great Kapok Tree by Cherry

How Night Came from the Sea by Gerson

Jabuti the Tortoise: A Trickster Tale from the Amazon by McDermott

James the Vine Puller by Stiles

Living in Brazil by Perkins

Nina Bonita by Machado

Princess of the Springs by Finch

Rosa Raposa by Campoy

Rain, Rain, Rain Forest by Guiverson

Sock Thief by Crespo

Songs from a Journey with a Parrot by Lerasle

So Say the Little Monkeys by Van Laan

Slowly, Slowly, Slowly, Said the Sloth by Carle

Umbrella by Brett

Welcome Brown Bird by Ray

We’re Roaming in the Rainforest by Krebs

Yellow Cab by Pfister

Zonia’s Rain Forest written and illustrated by Juana Martinez-Neal (2021)


chile books.jpg

Hen, a Chick, and a String Guitar by MacDonald

Land of the Wild Llama: A Story of the Patagonian Andes by Fragalosch

Lucia’s Travel Bus by Kim

Mariana and the Merchild: A Folk Tale from Chile by Pitcher

My Name is Gabriela by Brown

Ode to an Onion: Pablo Neruda and his Muse by Giardino

Pablo Neruda: Poet of the People by Brown

Pen Pal for Max by Rand


Biblioburro: A True Story from Colombia written and illustrated by Jeanette Winter (2010)

Luis is an avid reader and soon has too many books for his house.  When his wife complains of all the books, Luis comes up with a great way to share his love of reading with other people in villages near his in northern Colombia.  This book is based on the true story of Luis and his Biblioburro (named that because of the burros who help him carry the books to people).


Digging for Words: José Alberto Gutiérrez and the Library He Built by Angela Burke Kunkel, illustrated by Paola Excobar (2020) **illustrated moved to Colombian as a child**

The story of a young José who looks forward to visiting the library and an older José who collects the books that are being thrown out while he works as a garbage collector.  On Saturday’s young José arrives at the libray built from the books the older José has collected.  At the end of the book is more information about the lack of libraries in Colombia as well as information about the the real José who made the library as well as a couple photos. 

feliz new year

Feliz New Year, Ava Gabriela! by Alexandra Alessandri, illustrated by Addy Rivera Sonda (2020) **Author is Colombian-American**

Ava is visiting her aunt and uncle, cousins, and grandmother for the new year.  She is really shy and isn’t ready to talk at first.  But as her family includes her in all the traditions for the new year, Ava begins to come out of her shell.

Legend of El Dorado by Van Laan

Mia’s Story written and illustrated by Michael Foreman (2006)

Based on an encounter the author had while traveling from Chile into the Andes.  The story however, is set in Campamento San Francisco, which appears to be in the north of Columbia at the end of the Andes mountain range, but pretty far from Chile.  Anyhow, based on the name of the city where the girl lives, I’m putting this book in Columbia.  The story is about Mia, who one day looses her dog.  As she is searching the mountain for the puppy, she discovers a field of beautiful flowers.  She thinks people in the city might like the flowers as much as she does.

My Name is/ Me Ilamo Gabito by Monica Brown, illustrated by Raúl Colón (2007)

This story is based on the life of famous Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez.  He loves his grandfather and his 100 year old parrot very much.  Both inspire Gabito to write stories as do all his encounters with people he sees and meets around Colombia.  This book is written in English and Spanish and includes a brief biography of Marquez at the end.

Waiting for the Biblioburro by Brown


Ecuador books

Booby Hatch by Lewin

Galápagos Means Tortoises by Heller

Island: A Story of the Galápagos by Chin

Take Your Time: A Tale of Harriet, the Galapagos Tortoise by Furrow





Ada’s Violin by Hood


Peru books
Zorro and Quwi
from beans to batteries

Chancay and the Secret of Fire by Charles

Carolina’s Gift: A Story of Peru by Diaz

Festival of the Sun by Jo

From Beans to Batteries by Steve Brace, illustrated by Annie Kubler (1999)

Good Llama: A Picture Story from Peru by Rockwell

How Llama Saved the Day by Palazzo

If You Were Me and Lived in Peru by Roman

Isabella’s Bed by Lester

Kusikiy: A Child from Taquile Peru by Cecilia

Llama and the Great Flood by Alexander

Llama’s Secret: A Peruvian Legend by Palacios

Love and Roast Chicken: A Trickster Tale from the Andes by Knutson

Maria had a Little Llama by Dominguez

Miro in the Kingdom of the Sun by Kurtz

Moon Rope: A Peruvian Folktale by Ehlert

Thunder god’s Son: A Peruvian Folktale by Dewey

Tonight is Carnival by Dorros

Up and Down the Andes: A Peruvian Festival Tale by Krebbs

Zorro and Quwi: Tales of a Trickster Guinea Pig by Hickox



I Lost My Arrow in a Kankan Tree by Lichtveld

Trinidad and Tobago

trinidad and tobago books

Gregory Cool by Binch

Island Christmas by Joseph

Jump Up Time: A Trinidad Carnival Story by Joseph

Little Salmon for Witness: A Story from Trinidad by Rahaman

Mermaid’s Twin Sister by Joseph

Wave in Her Pocket: Stories from Trinidad by Joseph


noodle head stories.jpg

“Dead or Alive?” from the anthology Noodlehead Stories: World Tales Kids Can Read and Tell by Martha Halmilton and Mitch Weiss

As a man sits a tree limb sawing it off, a woman passes by and informs the man that he will fall if he sits on the limb he’s trying to remove.  He doesn’t believe her, but when he does fall he thinks the woman must be a fortune teller.  He races after her and wants to ask when he will die.  She pretends to know and tells him.


venezuela books

Dancing Hands: How Tessa Carreño Played Piano for President Lincoln by Engle (2019)

How Iwariwa the Cayman Learned to Share by Crespo

Streets are Free by Kurusa

Venezuela ABCs by Cooper

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